Photography – Callanish Standing Stones

Callanish Stones

And so onto the Callanish Standing Stones, one of the main tourist features on the Isle of Lewis. These stones are older than the Pyramids and make the shape of a Celtic cross. Like all stone circles, they certainly have an ‘air’  about them, even if the howling wind and sporadic rain fall there was sense of odd silence.

Callanish Stones

Callanish Stones

I only had about twenty minutes to get as many shots as I could, but even with in that short session I was greeted with rainbows amidst blue skies, could not of ordered a backdrop more perfect.

 A standing stone with two rainbows in the background

Stone Rainbows

Four standing stones in a line

The Four

One of the things that struck me about many of the stones is how human they seemed, often being slim compared to the stones of Stonehenge. You can see how the myth that they are giants turned to stone for refusing to convert from old beliefs came  about. This human shape was apparent even more so in the shadows where more than one cast a hooded figure.

A standing stone casting a human like shadow



A low angle shot of a standing stone


Once again, a big thank you to all those who enabled me to take some great photos and experience the Island as much as possible in such a short time.

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