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Every now and then I like to do something that does not involve a computer, getting back to making stuff out of physical matter. So recently I have fed my love of things in bottles as you find around the average mad scientist secret laboratory with the creating of monsters using Fimo. It is great stuff and I don’t think I have used it since being a small child and even then I am not sure. I decided to base some of my creations from the post-it note sketches of John Kenn.

A sketch of hundreds of bottles with numerous creatures in them arranged on giant bookshelf

Copyright John Kenn

I love his work, it is filled with childhood innocence and the monster terrors that come with imagination. It’s the people in his drawings that bring this strange reality to life.

My first was based on the second image. It has no title that I can find, so I called it ‘Shoggoth at the Shore’. There tones of HP Lovecraft tales in many of his works.

Copyright: John Kenn

A fimo shoggoth, black with numerous eyes sits upon a pole with tentacles hanging down

Shoggoth on the Shore

A fimo monster

The Happy Monster

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