Photography – Isle of Lewis

I was lucky enough recently to visit the  Isle of Lewis for work and in the evenings take advantage of the long days, darkness did not fall till late into the evening. From a photography point of view giving an extended time to shoot when the light is often at it’s most dramatic. The Isle of Lewis is in itself a dramatic landscape of peat bogs, rocky hills, tall cliffs and wild seas all around. The weather changeable in moments, blue skys to dark clouds and near horizontal rain.




Pile of rocks haloed with sunlight against a cloudy blue sky



All too often you viewed the landscape through a filter of rain or mist, subduing the mixtures of greys, greens, browns of the land. Bringing a strange gradient to the varied levels of the ground. Then the sun would break through bringing deity like illuminating beams and multiple rainbows.

Moorland in the mist


Sun rays breaking through cloud across the coastline



The Island landscape is steeped in a rich history with a heritage of the Norse, myths of fairies and Blue men who lure sailors into the sea. Peat cutting as a source of fuel is still active, creating almost natural symmetrical lines in the moorland.

Lines in the moorland from Peat Cutting

The Cut

A traditional Isle of Lewis  blackhousemade of rocks and tatched roof

The Blackhouse

Thrift wild flowers against a rock coastal scape


I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Isle of Lewis and I thank all who took the time to show me around the island. My next posting continues on the Isle of Lewis, but one particular feature being the ‘Callanish Standing Stones‘. One of my favorite shoots so far where the elements all combined for a fantastic display.

Till next time 🙂

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