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James Herbert- The Rats

I have been wanting to a do a ‘Minimalist Poster’ for a while now and I was saddened to hear the author James Herbert passed away recently. He was one of my favourite pulp horror authors when I was a teenager. I remember reading ‘The Rats‘ and being horrified by the descriptive scenes as the army of mutant rats devoured Londoners from babies to tramps. Both the second books ‘Lair‘ and ‘Domain‘ held equal horror if not more when Domain described the nuclear destruction of London. So my tribute to the talented James Herbert and three of my life time favourite book is the minimalist book covers for each one. I have tried to capture significant icons for each book with the rat’s tail following the path of the ‘River Thames’ through London, a tree for Epping Forest and the last most obvious of them all.

 James Herbert's The Rats James Herbert's - Lair James Herbert's - Domain

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