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Pearl Jam - Black

Music is a part most peoples life in one form or another, for some it means little, for many it is a direct line to their heart. For me there are songs that have never aged, never lost their power even after a decade or more. So this is the first of project of taking those songs and finding those words and making them a design project, try some new styles and portray the feelings associated.

I present the classic breakup song ‘ Black’ by Pearl Jam. I recently saw Pearl Jam at the Isle of Wight Festival 2012 and they blew me away. I had forgotten how much I loved their first two albums ‘Ten’ and ‘Vs’ back in the 1990s, when I was at the age that music defined everything in my life and Pearl Jam exploded on the Grunge scene. I could not remember why I really stopped listening to them, there was no real reason as far as I can tell. So I have been revisiting old songs and news songs recorded in the numerous years since.

Pearl Jam - Black

Pearl Jam – Black

So why ‘Black’? Well for those who know the song, it is a powerful song of lost love and at first it is a ‘why’ song when love is gone and the world seems empty and black, something most of us can appreciate in varying degrees. Since listening all these years later to it on the numerous live bootlegs that Pearl Jam love to release to their fans their is a distinct change in the final emotions. The final words “We belonged together”  changed to “We didn’t belong together”, It’s OK, we didn’t belong together’. I love this sense of change over the years, acceptance and moving forward. The one word I hear during the many conversations about Pearl Jam I have had since Isle of Wight, is ‘truth’ and they really are.

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