Photography – Marwell Zoo

Black and White Ruffed Lemur By David Atlee

A little while ago I came across an simple but interesting article about doing photography when you have nothing to shoot and the top suggestion was go the the Zoo. So when an opportunity arose with a visit with friends to the very local Marwell Zoo, I took it with camera and lenses in hand.
Colobus Monkey By David Atlee

One of the big things that always struck me when visiting zoos over my lifetime is the facial expressions and my automatic need to attach human emotions to them. For many years that seemed like boredom, the thought of these beautiful creatures trapped behind bars. It still kinda gets to me, but then this is not Victorian Time, when zoos were exactly that for the delight of ‘Masses’. Today is very different, the space is more abundant and the zoo contributes to the survival of the species. Not only at the zoo but back in their original habitats, every one becoming more and more endangered due to the greed of mankind with excessive hunting, logging and pollution.

Black and White Ruffed Lemur By David Atlee

But turning back to the expressions of the animals, it was a trait I wanted to try a capture. Provide a connection between us and them. It was an excellent day with friends and I do really recommend getting out to your local Zoo or Wildlife Park, you have a abundance of model waiting for you, some more co-operating than others, but all beautiful in their own ways.

Waldrapp Ibis - By David Atlee

Snow Leopard By David Atlee

Slender Tailed  Meerkat By David Atlee

Humbolt Penguin by David Atlee

Dwarf Crocodile - By David Atlee

Dorcas Gazelle - By David Atlee

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