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The Trees - Southampton Common

Welcome to Frozen Designs Version 8. After well seven manifestations of my portfolio website of photography and design, I have decided to go more down the blogging path rather than a default portfolio. The idea that between wordpress and the blogging approach I will bring more regular content here. So over the coming time we know as the future you will see more of my photography, design work and bumbling thoughts about what ever may interest me. Along with developments in seeing how I can use wordpress for more than just a blog, time to dig through the add-ons. First on the list is getting some side bars working!

So click on the RSS feed, add me to your news feed or bookmark me and come on back ya hear! 🙂

This collection of photos were taken at Southampton Cemetery and Common during the big cold snap of 2010. It was an incredible atmosphere, real ghost story stuff.

The Trees - Southampton Common

The Trees – Southampton Common

The Graveyard - Southampton Common

The Graveyard – Southampton Common

The Path - Southampton Cemetery

The Path – Southampton Cemetery

Dark Figure - Southampton Common

Dark Figure – Southampton Common

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