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The Train You Trim website was a really fun commission because of the client. Aniek had a real lust for life and excitement as she embarked on her own business journey in health and fitness. She had a vision of what she wanted from colours to content, knowing her customer focus was aimed at women. Along with the specific requirements such as the blog and required pages it was one of those briefs that wrote itself.

  • A design that appeals to woman and portrays health and vitality
  • Blogging and website hybrid solution
  • Easily updated by the client
  • Incorporate social media such as Twitter and Instagram
  • Promote Aniek’s achievements and associations to show her professionalism and dedication
  • Let Aniek’s positive personality come through the website
Train You Trim Pancakes

Aniek’s Healthy Pancakes

The website has become as much a personal site for Aniek as it is a business site, but it works. She is selling a lifestyle choice, one that promotes fitness and healthy living. It is a personal thing and the personal approach works well. Between her vision, energy and my experience with the online world we created a strong brand in a digital world for her.

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