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One of my favourite and successful website projects was for ‘The Hobbit Pub‘ in Southampton. It is one of my long standing drinking holes and was a pleasure to take on the requested new design and build. The original website struggled from old web build techniques which lacked modern web design techniques with the accompanying accessibility issues of old coding styles.

The brief was to design and build a website which accomplished the following:

  • Use existing branding
  • Use CSS and HTML to W3C accessibility standards
  • Capture the look and feel of the establishment with emphasis on the live music
  • Incorporate an easy to read and updatable ‘events’ list
  • Allow for advertising of events, drinks and associated offers
  • Help grow the Facebook ‘Hobbit Pub’ group and Hobbit Twitter audience
  • Provide advertising areas for associated businesses and groups
  • Plugin a CMS (Content Management System) to allow easy updating by the client or staff
  • Allow the website to evolve with the requirements of the business

Over the years the website has ‘evolved’ especially in recent time after Hollywood caught sight of the bar and the rights of using the name ‘Hobbit’ was brought into question. This resulted in world wide publicity via Facebook creating 18,000 hits every day for the next few days, quite a jump from the normal few hundred (my faith in my recommended  hosting company was set in stone that week,



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