Photography – Arnhem – The Drop

Glider Regiment

I recently went on a road trip with the family across the English Channel into France, Belguim and finally Holland. The purpose of the visit was too honor my Grandfathers memory who fought and survived the Battle of Arnhem, Operation garden-market in 1944. He was one of the Glider pilots who volunteered to crash land a wooden crate into German territory loaded with troops, jeep and supplies. The battle was fierce and lasted days longer than planned, with all sorts of communication issues and unexpected enemy forces.

Part of the Remembrance weekend included an event at Ginkel Heath, dropzone – y where British troops parachuted in by the hundreds. The crowds where entertained with the recreation of this event with soldiers dropping in from continuing runs by aircraft. Had some great photo opportunities as troops from Britian, USA, Germany and Poland all did their part to not forget those tragic events and bravery of allies, axis and civilian alike.

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