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Well Google+ has landed and settled in. I instantly loved Google+, it is plain, simple, good privacy tools, tied in with my photography/picasa albums and mostly I just enjoyed the peace of it (but that will be down to the lack of users). I think Google+ will not gain the ground that Facebook has with regards to actual friends, whilst it could do it really well, try convincing millions of ‘Joe Blog’ users to move across in a fashion so the social interaction is there ready and waiting for them as they log on.

But the natural trend for Google+ is bringing together creatives from across the globe. I placed a few photographers into a new ‘circle’ and as time goes on and now I feel part of photographer clan, more than Facebook or even Deviantart managed.


One of the main photography areas I have become very interested in is taking photos with your phone, call it Droidography or iphoneography, it amounts to the same thing, maybe phoneography. Or we could go out on a limb and call it photography, just because it does not involve an expensive SLR or the latest point and shoot does not mean it is any less valid as a creative form. All this timed quite well with my new HTC Sensation as my first Android phone and I have become more experimental and more active with this than I do with my SLR, often being stuck indoors due to logistics of lugging it around.

A Sepia photograph of Isaac Watts statue in southampton against an overcast sky

Isaac Watts

I have found I am looking for photographs in different places with my phone, the SLR often giving the default photography mindset and so ending up with the same photos as everyone else. But maybe this unprofessional little camera phone can teach the older ‘SLR’ brother how to have fun again.

A close up of a ceramic plant pot on it's side


A close up an industrial fuse on cracked paintwork


Colorised photo of a grafitti demon god



And if you made it this far, I still have currently 150 Google+ invites which you can find here  –

and a list of some photographers to add to to your circles  (it’s all about the circles)

Dixon Hamby (street photography)
James Brandon (Digital Photographic School)
David Atlee (Me, a mish mash of photography)
Laura Peischl (addicted to iPhoneography)
Claire Grigaut (photographer)
helen sotiriadis (photographer, architect)
Colby Brown
(Fine Art Landscape)
Victor Bezrukov (street photography)
Dave Powell (Tokyo street photography)

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