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Grave Flowers - Southampton Cemetery

I love infrared photography and digital photography has made it more accessible to the masses. I still prefer infrared film for final effect, as digital equivalents require Photoshop to give such impressive results. Film makes you realise how these waves are really there, invisible and some sensed by the warmth on our skin. Like all photographic film it is a dying manufacturing process, so I guess one day infrared photography will all be digital, which makes me a little sad.

But I will say, using filters and a digital camera is alot easier than loading and processing infra-red film, which has to be done in total darkness. I found it amazing to comprehend how you could capture heat, we have all seen the rescue cameras used to find trapped people, that is the extreme end of the infrared scale which is more about the heat, where this is the other end (think your TV remote, the singal sent is not so much thermal, but still infrared). It helps to understand that all waves are light waves, including sound, radio, etc and it boils down to how we can detect them. Some we can sense with eyes, ears or skin, others we need technology, radio and television waves, etc. All these waves bouncing around carrying so much information is quite mind blowing when you think about it.

Grave Flowers - Southampton Cemetery

Grave Flowers – Southampton Cemetery

I  was first inspired by infrared photography from a book I caught randomly in a book shop somewhere ( I think Brighton), one of magical discoveries as you browse randomly. The book was Simon Marsden’s Journal of Ghost Hunter. At first I thought it was one of those generic ghost hunting books, but upon opening it I was greeted with so much more. Pages upon pages of atmospheric imagery from across the globe, my imagination going supernova. This was ghost hunting with results, it showed how photography could do more than just capture what you see, but captured atmosphere and the imagination.

Fountain, Versailles, France - Copyright Simon Marsden

Fountain, Versailles, France – Copyright Simon Marsden

The above image in one my favourite. It brings the statues rising out of the water to life as the tones of the grass and tress merges with the statues, making them more alive. It really made me think about my photography and rather than try and capture what was there, try to find more, be it real or not.  It was all about the fairy tale for me suddenly, well more the ghost story, but you get the idea. I got the pleasure to meet Simon Marsden at a Halloween talk on his photography and was very chuffed when he spoke to me about the Stone Circles (below) photo I took on Dartmoor and had seen on my website.

Stone Circle - Dartmoor

Stone Circle – Dartmoor

Infrared photography easily takes the mundane and makes it mystical, which is something I have not done here. I think that is another project to write up on the glass board of stuff. Anyhow, more photos below and till next time.

Angel - Southampton Cemetery

Angel – Southampton Cemetery

Worth Matravers - Seacombe

Worth Matravers – Seacombe

Headless Boy - Southampton Cemetery

Headless Boy – Southampton Cemetery

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