Photography – Viking & Saxon Portraits

So it has been over a year since I posted the photography project ‘Vikings‘ and since then have joined the ranks of the ‘The Vikings‘ and now spend most Monday nights learning the art of combat with sword, axe and spear. I stand inline with my brothers in the shield wall and do my best to defend them; to bring us the spoils of victory (or fewer bruises).

I got another opportunity earlier this year to take more photos at Corfe Castle, maybe one of the last for a while as next time I hope to be part of the shield wall on the battlefield. This time I wanted to capture some of the strong characters of the Vikings and so concentrated on portraits. Meeting these people, I wanted to get across how these people train hard all year round for these weekend events in the summer, not only to bring our history alive to the general public, but to become more in themselves. Something I think in this modern age is easily lost for many people. Re-enactment is acting, but it is so much more from learning ancient skills and values to a belief system as the old Gods are brought back to life.

Shield Maiden Challenge Accepted The Challenge Dane Axe Priest Viking Warrior



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