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Whilst in the land of Wales the other weekend I visited the ‘Doctor Who Experience’ at Cardiff Bay and it was quite brilliant. The main selling point of the attraction is an interactive walk through involving your favorite Doctor Who monsters and Matt Smith utlising stage effects, animatronics, real TV props, 3D cinema and TV displays. All rather good fun I must say. But the bit I enjoyed most was after, when you could take your time and view clothes, props, scenery and monsters from all ages of Doctor Who. A wondrous collection of treasures, all part of the magical Doctor Who tales experienced from on and behind my sofa. From Tom Bakers scarf to the little maid number worn by Kylie Minogue, Tardis control panels, Cybermen and Daleks. It was also where you are able to unleash a camera…

Tom Baker Doctor Who Outfit

I was once told by an old man, well actually could of been the internet or a college lecturer (not old) that one big difference between a professional and an amateur photographer is the number of photos they show from a shoot. Less is more. But sometimes, more is more and with such a massive fan base for Doctor Who from here in the UK to America, I decided to go wild and post as many as I thought appropriate. So please enjoy and would love to see comments.

Whilst I declare copyright for the taken images, all content imagery quite obviously belongs to the BBC.

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