Photography – Vikings

A warrior bring death upon an another

Not long ago in a time far, far away men and woman met upon the lands of Dorset, Britain. There they fought; not in anger but to retell tales of old, tales of bravery and invasions upon the land.

The event was the Saxon and Viking Reenactment, a coming together of numerous groups around Britain like the Southampton Viking Reenactment to Corfe Castle to bring to life our history. You could wonder the encampments to hear tales and knowledge of both Saxon and Viking, the clothes, the Gods, the weapons and armour. Where else will you meet a man who upon stands a Raven tendered since it was but weeks old, woman as fierce as any of the male warriors who stood in chain mail carrying mighty weapons forged in fire.

It was a fantastic photo shoot and all for the cost of fuel and an entry fee. Setting this kind of scene up would be very expensive to arrange, so it is worth looking at local events for you and your camera.

I wanted to take this photography project a bit further than just getting some good photos, i wanted to capture the age of the Vikings, bring the brutality of their life to the images. I have been inspired by numerous movies such as Pathfinder, 300 and King Arthur, but more recently the TV series ‘Vikings’. I wanted to recreate similar atmospheres, so I washed out the colours, added grunge textures and in one enhanced the red for the blood of battle.

You can see some less manipulated photos on the facebook page.

Viking Helmets

 A Viking Warrior looks across the battle field.

 A close up of a Viking helmet

A warrior screams in battle

A Viking Warrior

A Viking Warrior

A Viking Woman in battle

A Viking Warrior

A Viking Shield Wall

A Viking ans Saxon Battle

A warrior bring death upon an another




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